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Florence Round Dining Set

The Next Big Thing

After you’ve made the decision as to the style that you like and that fits your budget, the toughest decision is the colour to choose.  It may seem like an easy decision since you know you want a dark brown, but there are countless shades of brown, some with more red, others with more green, which can dramatically alter the look of a dining table or bedroom set.  The type of wood will also affect the colour of the piece as the same stain colour on Maple will look different than it would on Pine or Cherry.

The biggest trend has been dark colours – Espresso, Royal Dark, Charcoal, Guinness and Java are some of our more popular colours.  However, that trend is slowly starting to change and the colour that is emerging may surprise you.  Once the dark colour trend is finished, the next trend will be grey.  Grey is a perfect neutral colour and can be used to seamlessly blend in either light or dark coloured rooms.  It looks good whether you are trying for a modern or traditional look, and whether your style is rustic or contemporary.  A major transition to grey will not happen overnight, but gradually you will start to see more and more stores with it on their showroom floors.

At Fine Oak Things, we have several greys from which to choose:  Driftwood, King Cod, Vintage Silver, Slate Grey, and Charcoal.  Another option is to two-tone using both light and dark grey to give your home a unique and personalized look.  We have started this transition earlier than some of our competitors, though our showroom is still predominantly darker colours.

Style and colour trends are cyclical, but they are also personal.  Don’t worry if you are not a fan of what is “in”, the most important thing is that you love it.  Also know that you are never late to a trend, just early on the next one!

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