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New Patio Furniture for 2018

New Patio Furniture for 2018!

New Patio Furniture for 2018! The clocks have sprung ahead and Spring is officially here – someone please tell the weatherman!  It’s time to showcase the new patio furniture for 2018!  As with all of our recycled plastic furniture, these additions are virtually maintenance free and can be left outside all year round.  Finally outdoor
Fine Oak Things Community Corner: The Darling Home for Kids
The Darling Home for Kids More than just beds. The Darling Home for Kids is a place of joy, filled with the smiles and laughter of children engaging in unique and enriching experiences. Located in Milton, we are a state of the art facility providing respite, palliative and residential care for children who are medically

Types of Dining Table Extensions

Three Types of Dining Table Extensions Here we show you the different types of dining table extensions for our solid wood dining tables.  There are three types of extensions for our dining tables:  plug-in or end extensions, centre extensions, and breadboard extensions.  We demonstrate how each type of extension works and the advantages and disadvantages
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Pemberton Dining Set
Mennonite Furniture Lasts a Lifetime! Fine Oak Things has specialized in solid wood Mennonite furniture since we opened our doors in 1989.  We believe in providing beautiful furniture that you’ll never need to replace.  Whether rustic or contemporary, your furniture will tell a story.  With solid wood furniture, that story is about how your new
Shore Dining Set

What Type Of Wood Furniture is Best?

We are fortunate in Canada to have an abundance of woods from which to make furniture, but what type of wood furniture is the best for your home?  If you don’t know pine from maple or oak, then you’ve come to the right place.  In this blog post, we’ll discuss the characteristics of each wood
Custom Furniture at Fine Oak Things

How Much Does Custom Furniture Cost?

What is Custom Furniture? We often get asked how much custom furniture costs.  Every piece that we make is customized because you choose the wood, the style and the stain that best suits your home.  However, our solid wood furniture can also be reconfigured, resized or redesigned so that it better meets your needs.  Unlike
Catalina Bedroom Set

New Fine Oak Things Web Site!

Fine Oak Things 2.0 We’ve been hard at work and are excited to launch the new Fine Oak Things web site!  More than just a fresh new look, the site is designed to be more user friendly and compatible when browsing on mobile devices.  We’ve also added a wish list that can be emailed for
Oak Mission Trestle Table with Flowers

Decorating for Fall

Decorating for Fall Here comes Autumn – we’re here to help you with your decorating for fall! As your wardrobe changes for the fall, so does your home.  We want coziness, fluffy, textured throws to curl up in, warm tea, and we also want the warm colours inside to remind us of the beauty outside.
Canada's Best Quality Mattresses
More than just furniture, we also sell Canada’s Best Quality Mattresses Fine Oak Things is Milton’s premiere solid wood Mennonite furniture store. Our customers know that they can customize the style, stain and size of our solid wood furniture. But did you know that we also carry Canada’s best quality mattresses?   We have carried the
Colour Matched Solid Cherry Table to Veneer Leaf

Colour Matching Solid Wood Furniture

Colour Matching Solid Wood Furniture You’ve picked out the perfect piece of furniture and measured to make sure it will fit in the room. The last thing left to do is pick the stain colour. Choosing the stain colour is often an overlooked component of solid wood furniture. Pieces need to coordinate together and with