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2024 Spring Trends

Jon Nameth loves this time of year. The owner of Campbellsville-based custom furniture shop Fine Oak Things can feel the renewed energy that comes with Spring. Nameth’s loyal clients frequent the business all year long – but there’s something different when the calendar turns to March and April. “We start getting busier,” Nameth says. “People

Bedroom Trends

Here’s something to think about. We spend approximately one-third of our entire lives in thebedroom. That’s a lot of time. So it makes sense to create a bedroom space that’s inviting,comfortable, and simply more than a place where you put your head down on the pillow. A stunning bedroom is not just a great bed
Trust is a crucial element in the design world. Claire McKenzie, owner of Burlington-based Room Utopia Interiors, knows that when she enters a client’s home to change their world, it’s a personal experience. The client must have faith in McKenzie. And in the same vein, she must believe in her suppliers to create a seamless

Caring for Solid Wood Furniture

When you invest in something special, proper care of that item should be a priority. Why spend the time and money to get a beautiful addition to your home only to see it degrade over time from a lack of maintenance. “If you take care for your custom furniture pieces, they can last you a

Furniture Shopping Do’s and Don’ts

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” – Alexander Graham Bell Finding that perfect piece of furniture for your home is incredibly gratifying. It takes a little extra work to arrive at that endpoint, but the payoff is worth it. When you invest in something so esthetically pleasing and lasting, it’s important to

Wood Furniture Textures

It’s easy to believe that wood furniture has a standard look. The fact is a custom wood piece can take on a variety of different appearances based solely on the quality of the finish and the wood’s texture. The true beauty of a custom furniture piece is the distinctive touch that makes it special. Tastes

Recycled Patio at Fine Oak Things

The harsh reality of the Northern winter can certainly make a person dream. When the snow crunches under your feet and the biting wind hits your body like a freight train, thoughts can easily wander to the warm days ahead of us. Maybe that’s envisioning a hike on a sunny day or a round of

Solid Wood Furniture in Milton

Solid Wood Furniture in Milton Roach Family Real Estate profiles Fine Oak Things, Milton’s top choice for Mennonite solid wood furniture, in their latest edition of Good Morning Milton.  Andrew Roach sits down with owner Jon Nameth to discuss the business.  During their conversation, they discuss product offerings, best selling styles and more!  Andrew brings
Handstone Furniture Milton
Handstone Furniture Fine Oak Things is the best place to buy Handstone Furniture in Milton.  Handstone is the trade name for two brothers (Tim and Tobe) who have established one of the premiere Mennonite solid wood furniture brands in Canada.  Each year, Tim and Tobe work with Canada’s best designers to create new product lines
Food4Kids Halton

Community Corner: Food4Kids Halton

Food4Kids Halton No Child in our Community Should go Hungry Did you know that there are more than 520 children in Halton region with limited or no access to food each weekend and during the summer months? Food4Kids Halton provides packages of healthy food for children every Friday. The bag is discreetly placed into the