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Queen Beds

Solid Wood Queen Beds

Experience the quality difference with our collection of solid wood queen beds.  Handcrafted from solid wood and built in the heart of Ontario.  A wide selection of stains ensures that you’ll find the perfect colour to suit your decor!

Variety of Styles

Find the look you want for your bedroom retreat with our wide range of styles.  Perhaps you seek the sleek styling of the Hudson Valley Queen Bed?  Or maybe you the rugged industrial characted of the Saratoga Queen Bed? Whichever style suits your home best, you are sure to find it here.

Storage Options

Most bed styles have the option of built in drawers, giving you additional storage without taking up more space.  Storage beds are a great solution for condos or smaller bedrooms.

Uncompromising Quality

Expert Mennonite and Amish builders handcraft each of our beds from solid wood.  Heavy duty brackets and solid maple slats are testaments of

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